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About us

Who We Are?

Helena Marine Services, Canada being operated by the experts from the Maritime fraternity, understand the maritime industry very well and committed to fulfils the distinct needs of the shipping owners, ship managers, charterers and other stake holders. We cater to various services with the customised solutions as per the client’s specific requirements. We have Shipping and Marine agency service knowledge & expertise in the industry with over 3 decades. We specialise in Safe Guarding Our Clients and Our Marine environment.

Our following services cover all the major continents and sub-continents on the globe, which includes but not limited to; Canada, Arabian Gulf, Indian Sub-continent, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Europe, USA, African continent, Caribbean Island, Central America and South America.

We deliver the following sustainable and valuable solutions to customers and help them in simplifying the overall efforts taken in completing their requirements related to Shipping, Marine and Logistics services in the most cost-effective manner and to the full satisfaction of the clients:

What We Do?


Our excellent relations with the Port, Customs, Terminal authorities and other vendors ensure a quick and efficient turnaround of your vessels.

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